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At Low Budget Disco, our journey began with two friends who shared a passion for good music and a hearty laugh. What started as a simple idea has now transformed into an incredible experience, bringing joy and entertainment to all who join us on the dance floor.

Don't let the name fool you – while we may be called Low Budget Disco, we're all about delivering reasonably priced parties that pack a punch. Our aim is to create an environment where you can let loose, groove to the beats, and have an unforgettable time without breaking the bank.

We stand out from the competition by focusing on three core principles: affordability, enjoyment, and community. Our commitment to offering an affordable night out ensures that everyone can partake in the fun. Our mission is to see you smiling and dancing freely, leaving behind the stresses of everyday life. As a local initiative, we're deeply invested in our community, aiming to bring neighbors and friends together for a night of pure enjoyment.

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Saturday 4th May


Get ready to groove on a dime! Experience the unparalleled energy of Low Budget Disco at The Antelope in Lighthone – an event like no other. Dance, dazzle, and do it all without breaking the bank. It's your ticket to a night of budget-friendly beats and unforgettable vibes!

Event Details

Saturday 18th May


Low Budget Disco is hosting an exclusive private function. Regrettably, only the select few can attend. However if you are invited, please join us for a night of limited extravagance and maximum fun

Event Details

Saturday 1st June

Low budget football presentation @ GReaves

Low Budget Disco is hosting the local football teams presentation evening at the Greaves Club.

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